10 Fun Activities To Try When Camping
April 14, 2022

The fun of camping is in the different activities we engage in throughout your planned stay. Are you planning to go camping and would need some ideas to make it fun? Here are camping activities that guarantee you a great time at camp.

Wink Murder (Murder in the Dark)

Wink Murder is an enjoyable game played by a large group of people with three crucial players, the chooser, murderer, and detective. The detective gets three tries to deduce who the murderer is strategically. The murderer kills group members in the circle by winking at them. Members killed by the murderer must “die” by dramatically falling to the ground.


Charades is a simple game of 4 or more people where clues are written on pieces of paper in a bowl, and a team member acts out the clue one at a time with sign language to give other members a hint of what was written on paper. The clues could be animals, dance styles, etc. The team with the most correct answers wins the game.

Hammock Hanging

Instead of sleeping in your tent, you can hang a camping hammock and enjoy the cool breeze of the outdoors. You could also just have an afternoon relaxation session on the hammock.


For campsite archery, you just need bows, arrows and a target which could be trees or artificially made targets. They are an excellent camping activity to engage your mind. You can make it a fun game by competing with other campers.


Get a star map for the time of year and your camp location, and spend some time alone or with people looking up at the constellations. You can use binoculars or a telescope if you want a better view or lay back and enjoy the calm and cool nighttime sky full of stars.

Host a Movie Night

You can create your mini-theater at campsites by setting up a projector and getting everybody outside under the nightlight to enjoy a beautiful movie.

Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is a fun camping activity for adults. It’s basically hide-and-seek with flashlights. In this game, everybody goes to hide except the seeker. What makes it a flashlight tag is that the seeker uses their flashlight to find the hiders.

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is an excellent and engaging camping activity for adults. In a scavenger hunt, all players have their names written down on paper and random items also written on paper in different bowls. Every player takes a turn to pick a name and an item randomly. The person whose name was drawn has to find the item drawn in a minute.

Go Fishing

If you’re camping around a river, stream, beach, or lake, pack some fishing gear, and have an excellent time with family, friends, or fellow campers catching fish for fun or supper purposes.


Hiking is the best way to enjoy and appreciate nature. You can explore the beautiful scenery of your campground. Is there anything more delightful than eating outdoors enveloped by outstanding views, having hiked with friends and family for miles! Pack a backpack with food, water, and a GPS-enable device, and you are good to go for a fantastic day in the wild.

So, pick activities you would love and get the best camp experience.