Amazing Books You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
April 5, 2022

There are over 50 genres of books today, from science fiction, dystopian, horror, mystery, and magical realism to history. This means there are possibly tons of books you have no idea about. But as book lovers, there’s always that pull that attracts us to want to discover more.

This is why we’ve curated a list of amazing books you’ve probably never heard of.

Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci

This is the most expensive book in the world. It is a typescript that contains the scientific writing of Leonardo da Vinci. The books talk about Leonardo’s observations and theories on astronomy. It was written in Italia, backward, and from right to left, because Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed. This exceptional book contains 122 pages. Carlo Pedretti translated each page of the book into English. Currently, the original manuscript is owned by Bill Gates, who paid $30,802,500 to own it.

The Mind in the Making

This book was written by James Harvey Robinson and published in 1921. It was written in simple, understandable English and had three parts. The Mind in The Making relates intelligence to social reforms, explains critical thinking, how rationalizing works, etc. It is a brilliant book that consists of 171 pages.

Other Ranks by W V Tilsley

If you like reading historical fiction novels, you will appreciate this one. Other ranks explain the agony, death, and pain of World War I. Tilsley paints a picture of how gruesome wars can be. It was published in 1931 and was lost in the shadow of other post wars.

The Beauty Myth

The Beauty Myth was a bestselling after its publication; it won the hearts of women, especially feminists. Written by Naomi Wolf, this outstanding book is a non-fiction book that was initially published in 1990. The book elaborates on the different indignities women suffer because of how they look. It portrays the pressure placed on women to comply with the world’s standard of physical beauty and how this pressure leads women to engage in all manner of atrocities. This book was written in English and comprised 352 pages. If you’re a feminist or interested in delving into that field, this is one book you should read.

The Book of Cold Case by Simone St. James

Mystery, thriller, and suspense, this book has it all. First published in 2022, having a page length of 352, Simone tells tales of a haunted house and a true-crime mystery focusing on a serial killer. This book will make an excellent read for those passionate about paranormal novels.

Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry

Want to be out of financial illiteracy? This book was written directly to young people on achieving economic and financial freedom. It is a life manual for millennials to take hold of their finances. Full of life experiences and lessons, Lowry shows proven ways to be financially literate. It contains 288 pages.

There you have it: books you never knew existed. Try reading one of these books and you’d be grateful you did.