June 14, 2022

First camp of the season! Great time! My husband and I went to a local park on the Nebraska / Iowa border. We were hoping to find some morel mushrooms.

Unfortunately, it was too dry! No mushrooms found and of course it has rained for 5 days straight, since we got home!

We enjoyed our time just the same and our dog enjoyed all the attention. We checked out a local museum and found it quite interesting. My husband made adelicious corn dish on the griddle. I’ll get the recipe and share it with you. You are going to love it!

We are still glamping rookies, so we spent a lot of time deciding what things we could use to make life even easier. I’ll be sure to let you know what we decide on and if it was worth the money!

For now, please get out there and join us! Whether in a tent or in a camper, get out and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget to let us know about your exciting adventures.



This is intended to be a forum for us to trade ideas on how to keep our teenagers interested in camping with us. I have twin boys and have always loved being part of their camping exploits. We can share ideas on games, campfire recipes, fishing tips and anything else we can use to keep them interested in camping. Please keep in mind, we want ideas that will allow us to spend time with our teens, while still giving them opportunities for independence. And don’t forget rainy day ideas!


Teens need time to themselves and still need the supervision of caring adults. Let them stay in tents. Most campgrounds allow for at least one tent to be set up on the campsite. Treat this tent as their personal home. Let them decide how to organize and manage their space. Don’t go inside without being invited. Respect them and they will be more apt to respect you. Give it a try!



Much like TEEN TENTN’, but this will be for our younger campers. I hope to discuss things that will help our youngsters learn to love camping as much as we do. These ideas should be more supervised than ideas for TEENS. After all, it’s all about spending time together!


Kids love bedtime stories. Read your children stories or just make them up as you go! It’s all about the memories and I guarantee your kids will love you and your stories. I guarantee your kids will never forget your tall tales and just maybe, they will pass them on to their lil’ campers!



You guessed it! We can’t forget our lickin’ loved ones! Share ideas on how to make camp life easy for our pets. What pets do you camp with? What feeding tips can you think of? What works and what should you have done different? What etiquette tips can you share?


Dogs love to explore. Be sure to plan time for walks. It is great exercise for both you and your dog. Don’t forget the flea and tick repellent!



Let’s share recipes and techniques! Discuss cookware and heat sources! Meals always seem to taste better when cooked outside!


Try Sweet Dogs (they’re delicious)

  1. Skewer a hot dog
  2. Roll it in brown sugar
  3. Wrap it with bacon
  4. Roll it in brown sugar again
  5. Roast it over the campfire coals until the bacon is crispy
  6. Wrap it with refrigerated croissant dough
  7. Roll it in brown sugar (yes, a third time they are Sweet Dogs after all)
  8. Roast it until dough is brown and fluffy

Enjoy it like it’s the first time you ever had it



Life can be stressful and that’s no fun. So, take time for yourself and relax. A great way to get away from it all, is to get in the hammock and open a book! Reading books might not be as cool as it used to be, but don’t let that stop you. Let’s share our written words! What kind of books interest you? What have you read recently?

What books can you recommend? I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions!


Try a different genre of book than you usually read. You may discover a whole new way to let go of your conscience. What have you got to lose?



I am very excited to announce our newest wi-family member. Rapala! Can you believe it! Rapala has been in the fishing game since 1936. My husband is in his sixties and can’t remember not having Rapala lures in his tackle box. I myself, caught the largest musky of my life trolling a green and orange Rapala. They have always been known for top-quality fishing gear.

My husband and I have a cabin in Ontario, and we love to fish. No matter what we are fishing for, we love using Rapalas. Whether trolling for musky or trout, or casting for smallmouth and walleye, we count on Rapala to help fill our limits!

And that’s not all! Rapala sells quality rods and reels, hats, gloves, hoodies, raingear and much, much more! Don’t forget about their fisherman friendly tools. A must for every tackle box!

Our next new we-family member is none other than Blix Bikes. Makers of incredible electric bikes, including fat tire, commuter, and folding bikes! Be sure to check out their full line of e-bikes, including the sleek Aveny, the stylish Sol Eclipse or the versatile folding Vika +.

I want to thank Rapala and Blix Bikes for choosing Knot heads and I hope to share in their success for many years. Please use our links to these fine companies and enjoy the many quality products of our new friends.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon and frequently. Sharing your ideas and suggestions is exciting! Please join me and let’s benefit from each other! Don’t forget, we will soon be offering solid reviews on camping and glamping gear!