Essential Supplies For Your Pet Hamster
April 2, 2022

Getting a pet hamster is always exhilarating. These small, furry, and adorable animals have a lot of needs and extra care and attention. You can get the important supplies you need to get your pet to ensure they are healthy and happy. Here are some of these vital supplies to consider before bringing a hamster home.

Get your Hamster a Spacious Cage

Your hamster’s cage is fundamentally the main thing you will buy for your new pet. All of the other supplies will go and where your hamster will spend most of its time and energy. It’s important to pick the right one. Always provide your hamster a cage with plenty of room to eat, sleep, exercise, tunnel, urinate, and poo. They love to tunnel and explore.

Bedding Material

Bedding materials include Aspen shavings, wood shavings, Timothy Hay, and dried grass. These materials go at the bottom of the hamster cage. Bedding materials should be changed every few weeks. However, you probably don’t want to get something super cheap either, as it likely won’t suit your hamster.

Get a Hamster Exercise Wheel

Hamsters are natural runners. They will invest a large portion of their energy running in the wild. The normal hamster will run around 2-5 miles, searching for food and water. This is genuinely challenging in a cage where space is restricted. Regularly, without the capacity to run, your hamster can become exhausted. They will have a ton of extra energy and may ultimately become overweight.

Get The Right Food

The right kind of food for your hamster is usually hamster pellets with the addition of grains, fruits, and vegetables occasionally. Hamsters will stash food. Regardless of whether they eat all the food you put in the bowl, they will take everything back to their home and conceal it. Don’t judge how much they eat by what is in their food bowl. Ensure you give them fresh food and water.

Cage Tubes and Chew Toys

Hamsters are quite intelligent, so they require a fair measure of mental stimulation. You can help them mentally by providing toys and tubes. Hamsters love to tunnel in the wild, yet this is hard for them to do in an enclosed space. Hence, tubes are frequently a decent substitute. Chew toys keep your hamster’s teeth in excellent shape and provide an outlet for a hamster’s natural chewing habit.

Hamster Hideouts/House

Hamsters appreciate hideouts where they can sleep and hide when they feel scared or threatened. Suitable hideouts are either small cardboard, plastic, or wooden boxes.

Food bowl and water bottle

When getting food bowls for your hamster, ensure that these are heavyweight bowls that cannot be tipped over. Ceramic bowls are usually the best option. For water bottles, get water bottles that can hold enough water.

Keeping your hamster healthy and happy is possible if you follow the details of this list, but remember that hamsters also need your love and attention. These supplies also need to be routinely checked and cleaned to ensure that they are in great shape.