Essentials For Your Aquarium
April 1, 2022

Fishes are beautiful creatures and can be amazing pets too. Over time, people have evolved from catching fish for consumption to keeping them as pets. If they are to be kept as pets, they are kept in an artificial habitat called an aquarium. Aquariums have evolved and have been improved to look and feel like the natural habitat from where the fishes were taken.

Robert Warrington, a chemist in the year 1850, explained that adding plants to water in an aquarium increases the release of oxygen needed to keep the fishes alive and doing well as long as they do not overly increase in number. There are different sizes of aquariums. The small size ones are utilized by hobbyists to keep their water animals at home. The large aquariums are for public use. They are used to keep a larger number of fishes and other water creatures for public display.

Having an aquarium isn’t all there is to raising fish in your home. There are some essential things your aquarium must have If they must be conducive for your pets.

Here are some of these essentials

Aquarium heaters

Tropical Fishes need warm water consistently. Temperatures for water animals vary concerning the species of the animals. But a general temperature range of 75°- 80° Fahrenheit should keep your tropical fishes warm and less stressed. Your regular home heater may not be enough to keep your water pets warm and comfortable at the same time. Getting an aquarium heater is an ideal idea to solve that problem.

Air pump

Air pumps are necessary to help keep your water oxygenated, making it easier for your fish to breathe.

Fish Filter

Fish filters help to aid water movement. There are three important types of water filtration. They are chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. Chemical filtration removes toxins from the water as the water passes through carbon.

The biological filtration breaks down ammonia in the water bypassing the water through a medium containing healthy bacteria, making it safer for your fishes to inhabit.

Mechanical filtration happens when dirt and debris are trapped as the water flows through filter pads specifically designed to trap dirt in the water.

Water conditioner

Water conditioners for fishes are used to infuse the right kind of bacteria responsible for the breakdown of ammonia in the water due to the waste passed by the fishes into the water. Ammonia is super toxic for your water animals and can kill them if allowed to build up in the water.


Aquarium lighting comes in different types. They vary in size, appearance, and even prizes. You can pick out your lighting according to your preference and budget.

Test Strips

Test strips test for nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia contents in your water just before you introduce your water pets. They also help test the water’s alkalinity, hardness, and pH. Depending on their species, freshwater fishes can survive in a pH ranging from 5.5 – 7.5.


Substrate helps improve the aesthetic conditions of your aquarium. It also serves as a surface on which bacteria can grow.

If you plan to get your aquarium and have these essentials, you are good to go!