Five Basic Steps To Getting Your Book Published
March 30, 2022

Knowing how to publish your book might be a tricky minefield to navigate if you’re a first-time author. Today, there are more publishing options than ever; some are easy, others complicated. You can stick with the traditional method of publishing, where you involve another a third party to help you publish or switch things up by taking the self-publishing route.

You want to enjoy all the benefits of getting your books published, but you’re unsure how to go about it. This article will take you through five easy steps relevant for e-book and hard copy publishing.

1.Edit your drafted book

The first way to get your book published is to get it ready. No one wants to read a poorly edited book, and as such, having the correct punctuations, spellings, and sentence structure in your book will create a fantastic impression when published. Editing your book may be pretty daunting, but with simple editing tools like ProWritingaid, Quillbot, Hemingway App, and Grammarly, you can get the job done.

2.Have a good book cover design

While it may be true that you should never judge a book by its cover, there’s no denying what a poorly designed book cover will do to your book. A good cover captivates the eyes, stirs curiosity, and creates a lasting impression. A good book cover design starts with choosing a bold title that fits nicely on the page, adding engaging subtitles as teasers, picking the right fonts and background image, and making the cover as simple as possible. Otherwise, you can hire a designer to create a book cover design for you.

3.Get feedback on your book before publishing

Please make a detailed list of persons to read your book and request an honest review. If you have mentors you can trust with your work, have them review your book. This will give you a rough idea of how the public would receive your book after the publication.

4.Get a literary agent

If you want your book to get published, getting an agent may be a great idea. This involves using the traditional publishing method and increases your chances of securing a better deal with publishers as these agents often have existing relationships with them.

Begin by searching for an agent that can represent your book genre; send them the first chapters of your book or any required document, depending on the agent’s submission guideline. Usually, the agency takes 15% of your profit, which doesn’t commence until you make sales.

5.Become a self-publisher

Being a self-publisher is cost-effective. You can publish your books online through Apple books, Amazon kindle direct publishing, and Publish Drive. You will not have to worry about paying any agent upfront; you have all the profits with this method. Self-publishing, though less costly, will require time, effort, and energy to pull off.

Publishing a book may have twists and turns; nevertheless, it is a worthwhile adventure.089172300