How To Pick The Right Basketball
March 30, 2022

Basketball is one of the most played sports in the world. In a game like basketball, where you get to bounce and shoot the ball, the ball must be at its best if you must see maximum functionality. The ball being essential has some specifications it should have if it must function the way it should.

If you choose the right ball, you must know the difference between the balls concerning size and material. So if you’re looking to get a basketball, here are some of the properties you should look out for.


The material used in making the basketball is an essential feature to consider when you’re looking for the right ball. Although, if you’re playing at a competition, the material may depend on the competition’s requirements, every match has its own needs and specifications. There are three main types of materials for making basketball:



Composite or Synthetic

Rubber basketball, also called outdoor basketball, is made for outdoor courts. They are very durable and offer adequate bounce. It is an excellent choice for people who are just learning to play basketball. Professional players make use of basketballs made of leather. It is very soft and supple, but expensive. One significant advantage of leather balls is that it encourages a high grip level. Even when your palms are sweaty, the leather makes it easy to have a grip on the ball. It doesn’t slip off your hand. Leather-made balls also prevent damage to the wooden floor of an indoor court.

Leather basketballs should be used only on indoor courts because of their wooden flooring, as the concrete flooring of an outdoor court will cause the ball to degrade quickly.

Composite, also called Synthetic balls, offers a wide range of use. It can be used on both a wooden and concrete floor.

It is also very durable.


Sizes vary, depending on age, gender and league. The sizes of balls also vary. There are small sizes with which minor children can use. The mini basketball that measures 7 inches is ideal for little kids, as it is easier for them to maneuver because of its size. The mini basketball can also be used for adults or grown athletes’ training purposes. The size 5 ball, 27.5″, is intended for little kids below age 9. The size 7 ball is intended for people aged 13 and above. And is 29.5″ in circumference. Leagues catering to children ranging from age 9 to 12 use the size 6 ball, which is 26.5″.


Basketballs vary in color, but the burnt orange color is commonly used. There are other colors like blue, black and even yellow.

You will have to stick to your league’s requirements in picking the color, except you want to get it for personal use.

These are some things to look out for when choosing your basketball. Get your basketball today and begin to explore the never-ending fun in the basketball game.