Must-Have Nutrient Supplies For Your Bird
March 22, 2022

Proper nutrition plays a massive role in the well-being of birds. They tend to reflect on what and how they eat. A bird that is well fed is different from one that isn’t.

Most of the diseases in birds have come as a result of improper or inadequate nutrition. It has been established that the dry seed diet isn’t enough to give your bird the adequate supply of nutrients they need. Some seeds lack vital nutrients like amino acids, vitamins like vitamin A and B, calcium, and iodine. To supplement vitamins in a bird’s diet, the birds should be given fresh food daily.

When trying to change or add to birds’ diet, it may take a while for them to give in because it takes some time for them to adjust to new diets after getting used to the ones they were previously fed. The following are diets to be considered to improve your bird’s nutrition.


It would be best to feed your birds with a variety of seeds. The seed shouldn’t be given as main feed but as treats. Do not feed your bird feed made from wild bird seeds.

Vegetables and fruits

These should be an essential component of your bird’s diet. Birds can be fed vegetables like carrots and parsley. They can also be given fruits like watermelon, bananas, apricots, and apples. Fruits with seeds are usually toxic for birds, so ensure to take out all the seeds before feeding your birds. Wash the fruits and vegetables well before feeding them to your birds. Ensure never to feed your birds avocado, as they are toxic to them.


Protein is one of the critical nutritional needs of birds. They need proteinous foods like legumes, eggs, small amounts of peanut butter, and whole-grain pieces of bread.


Birds on a diet need a daily supply of vitamins. When feeding your birds’ powdered vitamins, it is best to sprinkle them on fresh pellets. This is better than sprinkling on seeds or putting in water, as sprinkling on seeds may lead to wastage, and putting in water may lead to the growth of harmful bacteria.


Minerals are also very essential for the healthy growth of your birds. They should be included in the daily diet of the birds.

Calcium supplements like eggshells, oyster shells, and crushed tums should be available.


Supplement your canaries and finches once in 2- 3 months with a little quantity of grits. Although too many grits can lead to vitamin deficiencies, this doesn’t change that your birds need them to grow well.

These are some of the primary nutrients your birds need to grow properly. Also, note that, in feeding your birds, you need to maintain excellent hygiene. Understand that it takes a while for birds to adjust to new diets, so introduce the new diet, little by little. Also, do well to take out fresh foods on time after some hours to avoid spoilage.

Do not starve your birds! Always ensure they have a constant supply of food when necessary.