Outdoor Activities For Kids
March 20, 2022

Outdoor activities for kids are recreational activities that are peculiar to and ideal for kids. There are a lot of outdoor activities, but some are restricted to kids while some are to adults. Below are some of the outdoor activities that are great for kids.


You can add technology to your treasure hunt to make it more fun and educational. In this game, you stash a cache in an area and then use a handheld GPS app or device to search for the cache. You pick up a prize and then drop one of your own when you find it. This game is fun and, at the same time, increases the mental alertness of the kids.

Bike Riding

Kids can also engage in bike riding. They can each get a bike with which they can race one another. They can also ride around local parks or locate a bike trail around them. You can also try letterboxing. You will follow clues to find caches from a letterboxing site. This is almost similar to geocaching but doesn’t require a GPS.

Play Catch

Playing catch is one of the easiest outdoor games. You could also include options like boomerangs, softballs, footballs, and frisbees as projectiles. Here, the projectiles are thrown in the air, and the kids can catch them for fun. It is one of the most straightforward but fun outdoor games for kids.

Seek and find

In this game, you can send the kids on a scavenger hunt. You hide objects or give them sights to spot and then give them clues or leave a trail that will lead them to the things. You can also make them decipher simple clues. However, the activities should be cut down to the kids’ ages. The instructions should be kept simple for younger kids.

Fly a kite

Flying on a kite is an entertaining activity for kids. A thread is attached to a kite to allow the kids to hold and run with it.

Flying a kite gives kids the liberty to run as fast and as much as they want, which they enjoy being the kids they are.

Kites are cheap to purchase and easy to use. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to give your kids unlimited fun.

Play soccer

Soccer is a perfect starter game for kids. They can easily toss a ball around for fun. This is very age-friendly, as even little kids can throw a ball around with their feet as long as they can walk. Unlike the regular team playing, kids’ soccer doesn’t require skills and techniques. They can toss the ball around for fun. If you’re dealing with older kids, you could split them into teams and teach them to play as a team while teaching them some techniques like dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Outdoor activities for kids are fun both for the kids and the adults because getting to watch the kids play and have so much fun has a way of putting smiles on the faces of parents.