Volleyball Equipment And Their Uses
March 16, 2022

Volleyball is one of the most popular games in the United States of America and the rest of the world. It was first played at the end of the 19th century. Initially an indoor sport, Volleyball has grown over the years to become a fantastic outdoor sport. Like every other sport, Volleyball has got its equipment, mainly the net and poles, the ball, and the court. The balls come in leather or synthetic materials and vary in color.

The net is 9.5m to 10m wide and 1m long. It is placed vertically over the centerline of the court. The court usually measures 60 by 30 feet. Here is a list of other equipment needed for a volleyball match.

Volleyball T-shirt

Volleyball T-shirts come in long sleeves or sleeveless. So depending on the weather and your preference, you could choose to wear either of them. Choosing your t-shirt could also depend on if you’re playing indoors or outdoors. Volleyball t-shirts always come with numbers on the back and front. They may also come with the team name. It can be customized to suit your preference.

Volleyball shoes

Volleyball shoes are specially designed with a gum rubber sole to enable you to have the kind of movement you should. The back of the shoe is usually made from mesh or nylon, while the middle is made of foam.

Volleyball Shorts

Volleyball shorts are highly comfortable, giving you the freedom to move without restrictions. They also come in different sizes concerning the size of the player. It would be best if you also considered shorts with moisture-absorbing materials to keep you dry throughout your playtime.

Volleyball pads

Pads are essential for protection’s sake. You may have to kneel or bend a lot, and pads help avoid your knees getting bruised or injured; it is necessary to get your knee pads. The elbow pads are also crucial as you may take some doves to reach the ball while playing. You can also wear arm sleeves for elbow protection.

Ankle braces

Ankle injuries are the most sustained injuries by volleyball players. This is due to the stress on the body, which is concentrated on the ankle due to many jumps and movements during the game. Ankle braces can act as extra support for the ankle.

Volleyball penalty card

Volleyball makes use of two cards which are yellow and red.

The yellow cards are used as warning cards to players in case of misconduct during the game. However, it doesn’t enforce a penalty on them. But if the misconduct continues, a red card is issued, which may cause the team to lose a service if they are in possession or lose points. If the referee holds up the red and yellow cards, it signifies a dismissal. The player leaves the court and isn’t allowed to play in the game.

Apart from your skills, a successful volleyball game is entirely dependent on your equipment as there are high chances of your doing better when you have the suitable types of equipment. Get your volleyball equipment in place and start your journey to successful games.